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Chris began his yoga journey in 2000 during personally challenging times, including drug and alcohol abuse, a damaging personal relationship, financial ruin and the death of both parents.     The practice of yoga revealed his birthright of joy and peace during this dark period.  His practice continued to deepen when he obtained certification in Kundalini Yoga in 2005 and Vinyasa Yoga in 2012.  His passion for this ancient practice is shared with love and passion through individual, groups, workshops and retreats.

Bob is a 27 year resident of Central Florida.  After retiring from a 26 year career as Director of the Winter Park Public Library, he discovered yoga.  He is a Baptiste Level 1 certified instructor who adapts that technique to the needs of his beginning students.  Bob also teaches one-on-one yoga instruction at a private studio in his Delaney Park home.  He has been partnered, now married, to Frank Holt for 39 years.



We offer various classes in:

Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Clothing Optional Yoga for Men


See our Schedule for times and days!



Ever wanted that one on one guidance? Come on a individual journey set for your particular needs.  In or Out sessions available!  


Contact Chris today!




Sooo....You really wanta dig deep? FreedomYogi workshops allow you that extra time to dig a little deeper into a topic of interest.  Wanta know why we how Kundalini came to the west?  Why we have scattered thoughts? Come enjoy one of his workshops!


Or join us on various retreats both locally and internationally.  Journey to a far off paradise, allowing for that much needed journey within.

See our Workshops & Retreats for details!

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